Link Logistics

2150 Boggs Rd Buildings 100, 300 & 600 Buford, GA

In the Spring of 2022, A & D Painting, Inc was asked to complete a large exterior repaint project as a result of an overall color scheme change. All previously painted surfaces on the exterior of three buildings located at the Link Logistics property on Boggs Rd in Buford where included.

Prior to beginning this project, a schedule was put into place with the location’s management team to allow for the daily operations of the building’s truck bays to continue uninterrupted, as well as to avoid overspray damage to cars owned by building users. Phased work segments, as well as after-hours and weekend work was incorporated in order to accomplish this.

The buildings were first pressure washed using a solution of water and Simply Green All-Purpose Cleaner. Next, the buildings were thoroughly prepped. This included scraping any and all peeling paint, caulking areas as needed using MP1, and spot priming where appropriate using a Loxon Primer. The entire exterior was then repainted using 2 coats of SuperPaint from Sherwin Williams. Access for the building was accomplished using 40’ ladders, as well as a 60’ straight boom lift provided by Premier Platforms in Atlanta.

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