Lake Horton Pump House

Fayette County, GA

Lake Horton Park and Reservoir, located in south Fayette County is 780 acres and stores 3.5 billion gallons of water. In 2022, A & D Painting was sourced by Fayette County’s Department of Watershed-Management to pressure wash, repair, and recoat the exterior of the pump house located on the edge of the lake, with portions of the structure sitting directly over water.  The project scope included all cedar shingles, as well as all doors and trim.  While the work itself was somewhat simple in scope, access to the building proved to be somewhat challenging and required more detailed planning.  Project Managers at A & D Painting quickly decided that the most effect way to complete work was by way of a floating barge.  Once constructed, the barge gave the crews the necessary work space to complete all tasked needed for a successful project.

The structure was first pressure washed using a solution of mild soap and Prosoco EnviroKean BioWash.  Per the project scope, all siding repairs were then made using live-edge cedar.

Products included:

  • Exterior Wood Siding with Solid Finish:
    • Sherwin Williams, Woodscapes Exterior Acrylic Solid Color Stain, Two Coats
  • Exterior Wood Siding with Semi-Transparent Finish:
    • 1st Coat- Sherwin Williams, SuperDeck Stain and Sealer Remover
    • 2nd Coat- Sherwin Williams, Revive Deck and Siding Brighter
    • Finish Coat- Sherwin Williams, SuperDeck Exterior Oil-Based Semi-Transparent Stain
  • Concrete Below Siding:
    • Spot Prime- Sherwin Williams, PrepRite ProBlock Interior/Exterior Latex Primer/Sealer
    • Finish Coat- Loxon Self Cleaning Acrylic Coating, Two Coats
  • Metal Roof:
    • Prime Coat- Pro Industrial Pro-Cryl Universal Acrylic Primer
    • Finish Coat- Pro Industrial Water-based Acrolo 100 Polyurethane
  • Metal Roof:
    • Prime Coat- Kem Kromik Universal Metal Primer
    • Finish Coat- Pro Industrial Water-based Acrolo 100 Polyurethane


The project was finished in just under one month.

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