Glenn Memorial Church

1660 N Decatur Rd Atlanta, GA

Located on the Emory University Campus, Glenn Memorial Church was built in 1931 and currently serves both the United Methodist Church’s congregation, as well as an auditorium for the Emory University community.

In 2017, as a result of its long-standing relationship with Emory University, A & D Painting was asked to complete a project that included pressure washing, carpentry repairs and a full repaint of all previously painted surfaces on the building’s exterior.  This included all cementitious siding, as well as wooden trim.  Specific products included:

  • Masonry and Cementitious Surfaces:
  • Two coats of Kiem Soldalit, a photocatalytic mineral paint product that used on US Capitol building, as well as the Greek Orthodox Church in Decatur, GA
  • Wood Surfaces:
  • Two coats of Sherwin Williams, A-100.


A 150’ boom lift from Premier Platforms was employed to reach the upper areas of this structure including the steeple, while not to disturb the breathtaking landscapes of the Emory University campus.

In addition to working around the delicate landscaping features of the campus, careful planning and consideration was also put forth around the daily use of the building, which included the Church’s pre-school, as well as multiple special events.

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