Columbia Road Water Tanks Exterior

Dekalb County Watershed Management Lithonia, Ga

As part of a longstanding task-order painting contract with Dekalb County Government, A & D Painting was contracted by the county’s Office of Watershed Management, to repaint the large domestic water tanks located at their property on Columbia Rd. in Lithonia, Ga as part of an aesthetics refresh.

This project consisted of pressure washing and repainting two 4-million-gallon potable water tanks, 1 steel and 1 concrete, located within a high-security access area on the property.  Badged with county access credentials, our crews incorporated a 65’ Articulating Knuckle Boom Lift to assist with access issues for the large structure.  Additionally, while painting on top of the tank, crew members used added fall protection equipment, including retractable lanyards and harnesses.

The structures were first pressure-washed to prepare a clean surface that was ready to provide for good product adhesion.

Products for this project include:

  • Steel Tank: Two Coats- PPG, PSX One, a third-generation single component acrylic-siloxane coating system.
  • Concrete Tank: Two Coats- PPG, Perm-Crete, an elastomeric coating system specifically designed above grade, cementitious surfaces that require high durability.


The project was completed on time and on budget as proposed to county project managers.

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